conecta FICTION


Conecta FICTION, for the third year in a row, launches its call for international coproduction projects of TV series or mini-series “PITCH COPRO SERIES“. The submission process of these projects IS OPEN FROM FEBRUARY 21, TO APRIL 4, 2019.


Our Editorial Committee, formed by industry professionals, will be responsible for the project’s reading and evaluation to select the 10 finalists that will be announced OVER THE COURSE OF MAY 2019.

The 10 selected projects will have the opportunity to be presented during a Pitching session with all delegates from America and Europe that will attend the event.

The submitted projects should be suitable for international co-production and must be culturally relevant for both continents.

The international pitching sessions will take place from June 17 to 20, 2019, in the framework of Conecta FICTION 3 at the Baluarte, in Pamplona-Iruña, Navarra (Spain).


You need to access your account via “CONNECT ME” or create an account if you want to submit a project to PITCH COPRO SERIES.
You do not need to be accredited to present a series project.
A maximum of 3 projects can be presented per company.
The same project cannot be presented in other Pitching sessions such as Pitch Digiseries.

The required documents are:

  • One-pager project presentation with the synopsis
  • Bible (Characters, World, Tone, Season Overview – 5/7 pages maximum)
  • Letter describing writer and/or producer vision of the Project
  • Production budget (in euros) – download and complete production budget template
  • Financial plan template (in euros) – download and complete financial plan template
  • Contracts or letter(s) of commitment or interest, dated and signed, that prove the financial investment listed in your entry form. These contracts or letters must state the amount of the investment – we recommend that the project has a minimum of 10% of funding achieved or committed-.
  • Script(s), if available
  • Visual materials (trailer or other examples of the Project), if available

The documentation could be presented in English or Spanish.

Please, for more information, read our rules for submitting a project to PITCH COPRO SERIES.