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UPDATED INFORMATION (on March 16, 2020)


Q&A – Conecta FICTION 4 Calls for Projects (updated calls)

New call for projects deadline: May 5, 2020.


Conecta FICTION in collaboration with ALMA, the Spanish Scriptwriter’s Guild, launches its third PITCH CLIPS call for projects. This is an exclusive opportunity to the members of the guild to present a pitch of their series project in video. The registration period is already OPEN, and it closes on May 5, 2020.

Up to 6 finalist projects will be selected in this PITCH CLIPS call for projects, which will be announced in May 2020. These selected projects will have the opportunity to be streamed in several screens all over the Baluarte, Congress Center and Auditorium of Navarra (the main venue of the event) where all the delegates attending the event can watch them.


  • A clip of video:
    • Of thirty seconds to two minutes, where the author must appear explaining the main aspects of the project. There can be more than one author in the video if the project has multiple authors; however, only one person can participate in this call for projects.
    • Where, either verbally or through a graphic element (signs or complete screen), you must mention all the technical characteristics of the project: format (mini-series or series), duration per episode, number of episodes, tone (comedy, drama, or dramedy), and genre (thriller, horror, detective, political, action, procedural, etc.)
    • With subtitles. If the pitching is in Spanish, the subtitles must be in English; and if the pitching is in English, the subtitles must be in Spanish.
    • With the name of the author or authors (with overprinting or complete screen).
  • A synopsis with the description of the project.
  • A bible or selling document with the characteristics of the project and the register number of the intelectual property registration.
  • If the project has more than one author, the one who presents it to this call for projects will have the signed consent of the rest of the authors.


The videos, up to two minutes, have to be sent by May 5, together with the appropriate documentation (description of the project, identity of the author or authors, bible or sales document, etc.) to

If you want to know more about this call for projects and about the documentation needed, please have a look at the Rules for Submitting a Project to PITCH CLIPS.


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