conecta FICTION


The Advidsory Board of Conecta FICTION’s second edition was formed by relevant professionals of the audiovisual industry who shared with us their expertise in the preparation of this edition:

María José Arrojo

MARÍA JOSÉ ARROJO “Passionate by the relationship between the online and offline worlds”

Fundación Santiago Rey Fernández-Latorre, Máster en Produción Xornalística e Audiovisual (MPXA), Co Director.

Nuno Bernardo

NUNO BERNARDO “Passionate about new technologies with the aim of developing interactive, and immersive storytelling applied to new media as a complement to the traditional ones”.

BE ACTIVE, CEO and Producer.

Alfonso Blanco

ALFONSO BLANCO “Galician, producer and fiction enthusiast”.

PORTOCABO, CEO and Producer.

Ludovica Fonda

LUDOVICA FONDA “Addicted to stories, whatever format and occasion they blossom in, and always trying to help them come real”.

R.T.I. Mediaset Group, Head of International Drama Development and Coproductions.

Alan Gasmer

ALAN GASMER “We’re dedicated to identifying, acquiring, developing and producing prestigious motion picture and television programming for worldwide audiences”

Veritas Entertainment Group., Co-President.

María Iregui

MARÍA IREGUI “Passionate about audiences, dealing with various platforms, lover of quality audio-visual content, digital learner and always looking to build, discover and grow”.

RCN Televisión, EVP Strategy.

Alex Lagomarsino

ALEX LAGOMARSINO “Passionate about building business and growing the entertainment industry: a pilgrim in search of wisdom”.

MEDIABIZ, CEO and Partner.

Fernando López Puig

FERNANDO LOPEZ PUIG “In the search and capture of good stories at the service of the audience”.

RTVE, Head of Film and Fiction.

Sandra Ouaiss

SANDRA OUAISS “When searching for good storytelling, there is no limitation. When it’s good, it pleases everyone, no matter the size of the screen or the origin”.

Elephant Story, Executive Producer, International Series.

Albert Sagalés

ALBERT SAGALÉS Conecta FICTION: the best way to conect Spain with Latin America in the TV fiction world.”

Diagonal Televisión, EndemolShine Iberia, Producer and Head of Coproductions Department.